Domain Name Registrar Corp. Suspends 176 illegal pharma domain names

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Domain Name Registrar Corp. Suspends 176 illegal pharma domain names

Nassau, The Bahamas, March 11th 2012: After 2 months of intense investigations, domain name Registrar Corp. is happy to announce that it just suspended 176 pharma domains explicitly setup by unscrupulous and pretend-to-be customers trying to fool regulators and circumvent applicable pharma regulations. By providing false or inaccurate Whois details they were also in breach of ICANN policies. Furthermore fake registration details had also been used by the same malicious clan for many domain name extensions not covered by ICANN polices (.fr, .it, .uk, .us,  .be,  .eu,  .pm, .re, .tv, .wf, .yt).

The 176 domain names had been created between the month of December 2011 and February 2012 by a clan of ill spirited individuals or corporations for the sole purpose of tarnishing Corp. excellent reputation by attempting to sell controlled and/or prescription only drugs from the USA to the USA.

The full list of illegal domain names suspended can be found here:

To its many valued customers who hold thousands of pharma domains that operate legally with regards to all laws and regulations, Corp. likes you to rest assured that it will keep protecting your business from staged lawsuits and from foreign lobbyists.

To those few dishonest persons out there who are trying to circumvent the laws and regulations by deliberately providing fake registration details or by blatantly acting against the laws of their country of incorporation or by ignoring rules and regulations of the respective registries and industry regulators, Corp. wants to stress that it will not provide a safe haven as it has just proudly demonstrated. Corp. is committed to conducting its business according to the highest standards and by respecting all applicable laws and regulations and expects its customers and partners to do no different.

Established in 2004, Corp. is one of the top 25 fastest growing ICANN Registrar worldwide with more than 450’000 domains under sponsoring. They serve customers of all sizes from the single domain buyer to the largest domainers. Their website is available in 7 different languages and payments in many currencies are accepted. Customers from all over the world are welcome and have access to instant chat support 24/7. The CEO Marco Rinaudo has been in the domain industry since 1995 and during the late ’90 he was running one of the first accredited ICANN Registrar in Europe after the end of the gTLD monopoly.

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