Domain Name Registrar Corp. Introduces First Transparent Pharmacy Domain Policy to Address Potential Consumers' Health Risks.

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Conscious of the health risks for consumers, Corp – domain name Registrar has decided to update its rules and requirements for online pharmacies to register and maintain domain names with Corp.

Nassau 6 April 2012, Corp. CEO Marco Rinaudo releases the following statement:

-----Beginning of statement-------
Following inaccurate and defamatory press reports and being conscious of the potential health risks for consumers, Corp will immediately implement a new domain name registration policy for online pharmacies in its Terms and Conditions. The new policy will be stricter than the previous one by setting extra requirements for an online pharmacy to register and maintain a domain name. The new policy is intended to protect consumers from potential health risks.

The foundation of the policy is that a customer may register, maintain or transfer-in a domain name to be used for an online pharmacy only if the online pharmacy is not listed under the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy's (NABP) "Not Recommended Sites" list. Exceptions will be granted to domain names that are certified by one of the four recognized online pharmacy accreditation services: the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA),, the Pharmacy Accreditation Services (PAS) or the NABP's Verified Internet Pharmacy Practices Site (VIPPS).

The updated Terms and Conditions are accessible here:

An ICANN Registrar functions as a neutral intermediary that inserts a record of domain names into domain name databases maintained by Top-Level-Domain Registries, unless it is also offering other services such as web hosting. A Registrar does not have the right to control the business practices or conduct of domain name holders and cannot arbitrarily suspend or terminate domains or businesses based simply on allegations made by third parties.

A Registrar can only suspend a domain if the domain is in breach of ICANN rules or consensus policies. Other acceptable reasons to suspend or terminate domains are UDRP decisions and orders from courts of competent jurisdiction.

The following link provides the full ICANN Registrar Agreement describing a Registrar's obligations:

Suspending a domain name that is not in breach of ICANN rules and policies could put a Registrar at risk of losing its ICANN accreditation. Therefore a Registrar must be extremely careful when suspending or terminating domains based on third party allegations, because in doing so, the Registrar exposes itself to severe sanctions from ICANN.

However, a Registrar is allowed to define its own rules and policies within a given legal framework. Specifically, a Registrar can define who it will do business with and how it will conduct its business.

Current customers not in compliance with the new online pharmacy policy will receive an e-mail notice from Internet. bs Corp stating that they have thirty (30) days to either comply or transfer away their domain to another Registrar. Failure to do so will result in their domain being terminated by Corp.

---End of statement --- Corp. is committed to conducting its business according to the highest standards and respects all applicable laws and regulations. It is the expectation of Corp that its customers and partners will act in the same manner.

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