What is an EPP Authorization Code and where to obtain it?

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The EPP Authorization Code (also referred to as Auth Code, EPP Code, EPP Auth Code, EPP Authorization Key, Domain Secret, Authorization Transfer Key, Epp Authentication Code) is a secret code, a case sensitive string, assigned by the Registrar when creating a domain name. The EPP Authorization Code is basically a password for the domain and is one of the most powerful safeguards against unauthorized transfers of a domain name and it protects your rights as a domain owner. In other words, EPP Authorization Codes are an extra security measure ensuring that only the actual domain name owner is able to initiate an outgoing domain transfer towards another Registrar.

If you do not know your EPP Authorization Code, you can obtain it from your current Registrar. Registrars are contractually required by ICANN to provide the EPP Authorization Code to the domain name Registrant upon request. Failure to comply could result in ICANN de-accreditation.

It is technically impossible to initiate a domain name transfer for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, .us, .tv, .in, domain names without an EPP Auth Code. On the other hand .eu and .uk domain names do not require an EPP Authorization Code in order to initiate a transfer.

To transfer a domain name to Internet.bs Corp. (incoming transfer), you will need to provide the EPP Authorization Code associated with your domain.

To transfer a domain name to another Registrar (outgoing transfer), you will need to provide your new Registrar with the EPP Auth Code associated with the subject domain. Please see the following video to find out how easy it is to obtain the EPP Auth Code for a domain name registered using our services:




For further reading please refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transfer_secret