Domain name expiration, renewal and reminders

When your domain name approaches its expiration date, our automated systems will start sending domain expiration renewal reminders to you. Reminders are sent to the account owner not to the domain owner (the Registrant), so if you are reselling domains you can be assured that we are not contacting your customers.

The first domain name expiration reminder is sent around 45 days before domain name expiration. Afterwards a new reminder is sent each week until one week before the domain name expiration date. During the last week before the domain name expiration date you will receive a daily domain name expiration reminder.

From our control panel you can easily and instantly see when your domain name is due to expire:

domain expiration 

Once your domain name has reached its expiration date, our automated systems deactivate your domain and you will no longer  be able to manage it. However you can still renew it during a variable grace period. Unfortunately the domain name renewal grace period varies from domain to domain and from Registry to Registry and consequently we cannot warrant your ability to renew a domain after its expiration. After the variable renewal grace period your domain will be deleted, however you may still be able to re-activate it for an extra fee (the domain name reactivation fee).

We strongly encourage you to renew your domain name well before its expiration date as once the expiration date has passed there is no warranty that you will be able to recover your domain name.

Note that if you have enabled domain auto-renewal and you have sufficient funds in your account, we will automatically renew your domain name 45 days prior to expiration and you will have peace of mind.

If you do not wish to renew your domain name, then simply ignore our reminders and it will automatically expire. There will be no further charges to you and/or obligations on your part.