Domain lock – Registrar-Lock

What is the Registrar-Lock?

REGISTRAR-LOCK is a status set on a domain name by the sponsoring Registrar. This is done in order to prevent unauthorized, unwanted or accidental changes to your domain name.
Along with the Epp Auth Code, it is an extra security setting that prevents your domain name from being transferred between Registrars and as a consequence out of your control.
When Registrar-Lock is set for a domain name, the following actions are prohibited at the domain name Registry level:
•    Modification of the domain name, including:
o    Domain name transfer away
o    Domain name deletion
Domain name Renewal and domain name general management is however still possible when the REGISTRAR-LOCK is set. As a result you can still manage your domain name while keeping it safe and away from domain name hijackers.
A Registrar Lock does NOT affect the ability of your domain to resolve to your website or email functionality; it is just an extra protection preventing unauthorized transfers between Registrars to happen thus further protecting your domain name.
We automatically set all domain names registered using our services to Registrar Lock status. You can simply and instantaneously set and unset the Registrar Lock status from our Control Panel. If you require transferring your domain away for whichever reason (you have sold the domain, you wish to move the domain to another Registrar, etc…) you have to unlock your domain first otherwise the domain transfer will ultimately fail.
Note: not all extensions support REGISTRAR-LOCK, specifically,, .eu, .fr, .ca, .it, .be and others do not support it.
We offer Registrar-Lock setting for free and we encourage you not to unset the Registrar-Lock status unless you are transferring your domain away, actually that’s the only reason why you would need to remove the Registrar-Lock associated to your domain name.

How to set and unset the Registrar-Lock for your domain name?

Locking and unlocking your domain is an extremely simple operation and of course free of charge. Just login into your account and then click on the domain name you want to lock or unlock. Click on the EXPERT tab and then select “Locking/Unlocking”.
Please refer to the following video tutorial for more details:

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