How to Register a Domain Name?

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Registering a domain name is a very simple operation and it only takes a few minutes to secure your precious very own domain name. In order to register your domain name, you do not need any technical skill or particular knowledge.
Begin by searching an available domain name using our interface located in our home page , you can search for a single domain name or you can conduct a bulk search and check the domain availability for multiple domain names even under different domain name extensions (ex: .info, .org, .biz, .name, .com, .net, .eu, .fr, .it,, .in, etc…) at the same time.

Our simple interface allows selecting the extensions you want to perform the domain name search and you can enter multiple domain names, in a single domain search, separating them by a new line or a space or even a coma. Then click on “Check availability now” and our servers will automatically check and query each domain name Registry corresponding to your selected domains and extensions. In a matter of seconds you will know if one or more of your domain names are available for purchase. A list of available domains and the corresponding domain name prices will be shown. At this stage you will still be able to add and or remove domains to the list by selecting the appropriate link or button. When you are done, click on “Register NOW”, enter your personal and payment details and start enjoying your domains names.

Note domain names are registered in real-time, so after completing the payment you will immediately be the new domain name owner of your selected domains.
Once you have registered your domain name, you maybe interested in making content available through your domain, please refer to:

Hosting my domain name

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