Private Whois – Domain Privacy

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The private Whois service is offered to Registrants willing to protect their privacy and it is oriented in particular towards those people tired of receiving unsolicited emails, also known as spam. Spammers are continuously extracting all emails they can collect from public Whois database. Once your email has been collected by spammers you can be assured to receive spam messages for years, or even forever.

Our Domain Privacy service (Private Whois) is engineered in order to prevent or at least mitigate the impact of spammers to your incoming mailbox. Lately spammers have started sending unsolicited messages not only by email but also by regular mail. Consequently it is more and more important to actively protect your email and address details.
Associating free Private Whois to your domain will protect both your emails and your address details making it almost impossible for spammers to obtain access to your inbox and mailbox.

We offer two different options “Full Private Whois” and “Partial Private Whois”.
With “Full Private Whois” we completely remove all your personal data INCLUDING your name from the public Whois and publish our data instead.
With “Partial Private Whois” we remove all your personal data EXCLUDING your name from the public Whois and for all other information publish our data instead.
With both options you retain full control of your domain and you can actually switch from Full to Partial Private Whois anytime you decide and in a matter of seconds from our control panel. You can also immediately and completely remove Private Whois and have all your data fully disclosed via the public Whois service and of course you can set Domain Privacy back again whenever needed. Corp. currently offers Private Whois (Domain Privacy) at no cost and the service is supported for all major domain name extensions including .com, .net, .org, .biz, .name, .info, .mobi, .asia.
For .uk domain names, you can select the option “Hide data in public Whois” (also called OPT-OUT) which is an equivalent of Private Whois if you are an individual. This service is implemented at the Registry level (Nominet) however, the result is pretty much equivalent. Note .uk Domain Privacy (OPT-OUT) is only available to individuals.
Similarly for .fr domain names you can obtain an equivalent of Private Whois selecting “Restricted Publication” for the Registrant and/or Administrative Contact but again only if you are an individual.

Our set up of Domain Privacy includes a special feature, which means that besides protecting your identity from spammers we also replace your own email with a special email which is forwarded to your real email. The peculiarity is that we continuously and randomly, about twice per moth, update the forwarded email address and we destroy the previous one. This way, if a spammer collected our forwarded email address more than 2 weeks ago, the unsolicited message will bounce straight back to the spammer. On the other hand somebody in need to contact you can simply make a manual Whois search and obtain the latest email forwarded to your real email. The above described set up virtually eliminates spam in a simple and effective way as spammers do not spend time on manual processing, all their operations are carried out in bulk and they will never manually check your email.

Please note that our Private Whois service is not intended for illegal or immoral activities and cannot be used in contravention of our Terms and Conditions or in order to circumvent or breach the applicable laws.

You can select to enable the Private Whois (Domain Privacy) service for your domain when you register and/or transfer it to us, you can also enable/disable Domain Privacy (Private Whois) from our control panel at any time.

Please see the following video for a tutorial on how to enable/disable Private Whois for your domain:

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