Transferring my domain in order to host web content

There is a common and very dangerous practice around where your hosting company is urging you to transfer your domain to them; sometimes they even offer domain name transfer for free but of course they simply increase your monthly bill slightly in order to recoup the cost of the transfer and you are paying for it after all.


Be very cautious, transferring your domain to your hosting company may result in losing control of your domain.


In case you run into trouble with your hosting company, for whichever reason (spam, billing issues, renewal, banned content, censure, bad quality of service, unresponsive support, etc…) you may have your domain taken hostage and in some cases you may definitively lose your domain. Instead insist on keeping your domain name registered with us and insist on receiving from your web hosting provider a choice of two or more nameservers (DNS) that they have configured for your domain hosting package.

Keeping your domain registered with us allows you to easily switch from one hosting company to another with just a few clicks. Just replace the List of DNS with the ones of your new web hosting company and your domain will instantly point to your new web space location.

Remember keeping your domain away from your hosting company is the only way to retain full control over your domain and to freely decide where to host your website.  So when it is time to move away you do not need to ask anybody, just find another hosting company and from our control panel point your domain to your new hosting company.


For further details please refer to: How to Update the List of DNS (nameservers) linked to a domain


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